About us 

We have been installing CCTV camera systems since 2002. We have the necessary knowledge and experience that are needed to fulfill all the demanding expectations.
We cooperate with the biggest supplier of closed circuit television in Silesia; our company is a direct importer of goods. We have got our own producers and suppliers in China and Hong Kong. We do not use cheap and poor quality equipment.
Moreover, we conduct all the repairs ourselves. We have many years of experience in creating developed wireless IP systems and systems based on analogue HD cameras.
All of our employees have the proper eligibility to work in this profession. What is more, the company owns a concession issued by Ministry of Interior and Administration.

We constantly follow the market and look for new solutions and new equipment. Our aim is to provide services at the highest level of excellence and to fulfill our customers’ expectations.
We check and test all the equipment before we install it.

We assure of quick and professional accomplishment of all tasks.

We invite you to cooperate with us.